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At ClubMayra, we believe in the power of connections, the thrill of entrepreneurship, and the potential for collective growth. Our goal is to bring entrepreneurs together, foster business collaborations, and unlock investment opportunities. We value passion, justice, and mindfulness as the core principles of our vibrant community.

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Mayra Free

Mayra Free
0 Monthly
  • Explore our Blogs
  • Learn from our Free Courses
  • Explore our Destinations
  • Explore our Events
  • Commercial Ads
  • No Social Collaboration

Mayra Friends

This entry-level membership is perfect for those who want to support and engage with ClubMayra. Specifically designed for friends and family, Mayra Friends gain access to our exclusive ClubMayra App. Inside the app, you’ll find a wealth of smaller masterclasses. Connect with like-minded individuals through our community features and enjoy enticing discounts at our shops, rental homes, and restaurants. Additionally, you have access to our carefully curated selection of destinations for your next adventure.
Mayra Friends
18 Monthly (billed annually)
  • Everything from Free
  • Join ClubMayra Community
  • Connect with unique People
Must Have

Mayra Pro

Mayra Pro
43 Monthly (billed annually)
  • Everything from Friends
  • Learn from our Premium Courses
  • Access live Sessions
  • Access Jobs
  • Access Investments
Mayra Pro is ideal for individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This membership level provides the perfect platform to build your own business or explore co-investment opportunities. Take advantage of our comprehensive range of masterclasses, where you can learn valuable paid skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to monetize your expertise. As a Mayra Pro member, you also gain the privilege of investing in carefully selected projects, unlocking potential profits on your investments.


Mayra Space

Mayra Space opens the door to our local facilities worldwide. Enjoy the convenience of co-working spaces, health centers, and popup studios. Whether you need a professional workspace or seek rejuvenation, Mayra Space offers unparalleled access to top-notch amenities.

Mayra Home

With Mayra Home, you can revolutionize your living experience. This membership level grants you the freedom to stay in any Mayra Home around the globe for a fixed monthly rate. Imagine the flexibility of changing your „home“ every two weeks, embracing new destinations, and creating unforgettable experiences. It’s like having an apartment that travels with you.
Mayra Space
180 Monthly (billed annually)
  • Flex Desk
  • Water & Coffee Flatrate
  • Premium Internet
  • Access to Health & Wellness Center
  • Access to Lifestyle Areas
Mayra Home
1800 Monthly (billed annually)
  • Includes Mayra Space Membership
  • Fixed Monthly Rent
  • Option to change your location
  • Optimized for a long-stay
  • Optimized to work comfortable

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